Schultes has History...

Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1946. Our personnel are truly professionals in their trade, as evidenced by the precision workmanship and quality that go into each project — from single prototype to large volume production.

Our state-of-the-art, air-conditioned, 56,000 square foot plant, situated on seven acres, houses over 70 high-tech CNC machine tools with both milling and turning capabilities and over 125 employees to service our worldwide sales.

Our philosophy of constantly upgrading our CNC production equipment, coupled with computerized inspection equipment to support our ISO 9000/2008 certification, will enable us to provide even greater quality and service to our customers.

At Schultes There is a Path...

At SPM we expect our employees to stay engaged with all aspects of their profession. From the moment you step on to the Shop Floor you become an ambassador for the company therefore we encourage all employees to discover & challenge themselves daily. SPM will help you…

Plan your future at the company for the long-term. SPM will Plan your career with you.

Determine your interests inside & outside your surroundings. The task you are hired to do on day one might not be the task your are performing a year later. SPM will guide you in Determining your best fit.

Discover your potential. SPM desires that all professionals working here Discover their true calling in the Shop or Office & SPM wants to assist you in that as well.

Prepare yourself. Preparation is the single most important thing you can do to help map your career at SPM. SPM will strive to provide you with all of the tools needed to stay successful in your career, including training & certifications, but it all comes down to your to mentally, physically & personally Prepare for work daily, monthly & promotionally.

Schultes is Culture...

The professionals employed at Schultes Precision Manufacturing (SPM) produce more than just metal components they bridge the impossible to possible one piece at a time.

Working at SPM is unlike any other job, because SPM isn’t just a job, it’s a passion! The products you craft at SPM will go on to help the next racecar win the Indy 500, a Scuba Diver breath underwater & aid a doctor with a diagnosis using a MRI scan. SPM makes genuine metal parts by genuine people. By joining our team you are helping the world progress & all industries succeed. SPM offers flexibility, air-conditioned (healthy) working conditions, great benefits & a truly welcoming & development focused environment.

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